Open Source Noise Cancellation App for Virtual Meetings

Magic Mic, an app by Audo AI, removes background noise in any communication application. Relieve the stress of finding a quiet place to take your virtual calls!

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Easy Noise Cancelling

With a single click of a button, you can...

Remove Noise From Your End

Easily remove all background noise coming from you to others

Remove Noise From Their End

Easily remove all background noise coming from others to you

We're in Pre-Alpha!

Currently Support Linux Only


Core Features

Auto Noise Removal 🙉

Automatically remove background noise so you don't have to stress about finding that quiet place!

Any App, Any Mic 🎙️

Works on any app that has access to your microphone!

Private 🔒

Your audio stays on your device. What you say is between you and whoever you're talking too.

Linux Support 💻

We're targeting Linux users first! Mac and Windows coming later.

Support for all of these apps and many more!


Why Is It Free?

Magic Mic is developed by the team at Audo AI and is not our flagship product. We wanted to showcase our technology by building something we hope to be useful to as many people as possible.

How Does It Work?

Noisy Speech ➡️ Machine Learning ➡️ Clean Speech

When is support coming for Mac and Windows?

We'll work on Mac and Windows support immediately after our initial Linux launch.

How is this private?

Our noise removal algorithm runs on your device so audio is cleaned locally on your computer! No cloud transmission needed.